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Many property owners have concerns about their property while away and unfortunately have no one to inspect their property.

In many cases a local property manager will be employed if the property is in a rental management program, unfortunately this is not always the best person to carryout this service.

Property managers base their expenses on time and effort involved in managing your property, therefore it is in their interest that problems are identified and corrected by them charging a fee. In recent months property management companies have gone into liquidation leaving the owners with poorly maintained and unsecured properties.

Our service is totally independent to any property management service as we do not manage any properties in Florida. The aim of our service is to inspect your property on a monthly/weekly basis and after any local storm, hurricane or should you request it.

The standard inspection involves:

1.            Visually inspecting the roof for damage.

2.            Walking around the property inspecting windows and doors for signs of break in.

3.            Inspect landscaping for correct maintenance

4.            Inspect pool and spa for correct maintenance.

5.            Ensure mail is not accumulating in street mail box and on the door step

6.            Walking through property checking security.

7.            Flush toilets and run water in all appliances to ensure bugs don’t get in.

8.            Check for insects and notify your pest control company if problems are identified.

9.            Review any maintenance carried out by property managers.

10.          Sign and date inspection record sheet in home.

11.          Record water, electric and gas meter readings

12.          Take photographs where required.

13.          Provide written report with photographs via email.

14.          Arrange with a local contractor of your choice to provide quotations for any repairs required

15.          Act as your representatives for emergency services access.

List of Services:

•             Interior Plumbing Check

•             General Interior Inspections*

•             General Exterior Inspections*

•             Yard and Lawn Inspection

•             Exterior Plumbing and Sprinkler System Checks

•             Pool and Spa Monitoring

•             Air Conditioning and Heating System Check

•              Contractor Maintenance and Repair Service Coordination and Monitoring*

•             Automobile Start Up Service*

•             Shutdown Services

•             Welcome Home Service*

•             Storm and Severe Weather Follow-up Inspections

•             Photographic Reporting*

•             Turn off the water


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Last Edited: 21/05/2017